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Over the last ten years, I have been active in the German-speaking Community in Vancouver, British Columbia and am now ready to take my experience to the next level. In August, I am seeking full-time work with a special emphasis on helping those in the European Community.

West coast German News, based in Vancouver, BC is here providing English news for Germans on the west coast. I will also be using it to share my skills and services, hoping to attract a business partner with similar interests.

In the last year alone, I have covered diverse topics, such as ballet, real estate, soccer, German Canadian Business Association, German Schools, European Festival, Fashion Shows, Vancouver Alpencub, the Manchester Pub, the Vancouver Christmas Market, the German Consul, Guest Artists, musicians, Schuhplattler and much more.

Here is my new digital magazine that can be ordered on MagCloud. It costs $5 per magazine and then you choose what kind of shipping you would prefer.

You can also download a .pdf copy for free!

Das Schwarze Brett

Das Schwarze Brett: Das Schwarze Brett

German news, events, festivals, business, arts & entertainment & culture in Metro Vancouver

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Casual Translation Services

Lately, I have been translating German stories, documents and newspaper articles into English.  If you have a story or journal you have written in German that needs to be typed up or translated into English, you can contact me.  Projects are paid on an agreed upon rate, rather than by the hour.

This is not “official court translation”, but basically so your grandchildren can read and understand your work.

I also can spend time on formatting and design of a “front cover” in case of a book, as I have experience with desktop publishing (Adobe InDesign) and Photoshop.

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For those of you who speak English (most of you) – here is my e-book now available on MagCloud:

How to Sound like a WordPress Expert Even When you are Not

By Elke Porter in Technology Series

64 pages, published 9/17/2016

How to Sound like a WordPress Expert even when you are not is for newbies to WordPress who are excited to receive a brief introduction to the many aspects of designing a website on the WordPress platform. There is a lot more to WordPress than just a fancy template. What is running behind the scenes? How can you create a blog that makes money? What do these technical words actually mean?

Westcoast German News is located in Vancouver, BC.

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